Luxury and authenticity makes Saint-Tropez one of the most famous fishing villages in the world…
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Staying in Saint-Tropez it’s having the luxury of being in Provence and the Riviera all at once, two dreams destinations which are known all over the world. The lights and the colours will mesmerize you, the tastes, sights, smells and traditions of Provence will envelope you. Let yourself wander through the lively streets of the village, the place des Lices is mythical and is somewhere not to be missed. On Tuesday and Saturday a Provencal market awaits you, it is a delight for the senses.

Calm and relaxing moments can be found if you know where to look. Our villas incorporate a peaceful holiday vibe while still having the chic atmosphere that is often associated with Saint-Tropez. Saint-Tropez has long been a must for celebrities and lovers of the sea, history buffs. Nestled on a beautiful peninsula, the village offers magnificent views of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and surroundings villages such as Sainte-Maxime, Port-Grimaud and others waiting to be discovered.

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FAQ About Villa & Apartment Rental in Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez is located in the south of France, on the famous Côte D’Azur. The city is synonymous with glamor. The richest, most famous and most beautiful come here to boast of a good life in the golden sand of the French Riviera beaches that are known for its most beautiful port, filled with light sailing ships, fine yachts, magnificent motorboats, and luxury villas owned by movie stars and celebrities.

St-Tropez is a total work of art for its pristine beaches, its picturesque houses with colored facades, its coffee terraces, its boutiques of fashion designers or its nightclubs. And when everything around you is so beautiful and luxurious, why shouldn’t your accommodation match the lifestyle? You can rent luxury villas in St Tropez from the various options in our catalog and enjoy your dream vacation to the fullest without any worry.

When we think Saint-Tropez we immediately visualize sandy beaches with a view of a deep blue sea. A former fishing and warrior town, Saint Tropez is today synonymous with glamour and luxury where you can learn windsurfing, surfing, towed pudding, or water skiing in places before you relax on the sand. The beaches of the French Riviera are a real little paradise. A coastal path, over a dozen kilometers, allows you to enjoy the view, while the coastal hiking trail offers a beautiful hiking trail. Here in St Tropez, you are guaranteed a festive and summer atmosphere!

What is the best time to visit St Tropez?

Depends on what you want to do in St Tropez. The azure shores of Saint Tropez with its good climate attract a lot of tourists all the year. From autumn to spring, calm and authentic, this old fishing village turns into a famous seaside resort in summer, with its lively harbor, where sailing boats and splendid yachts lie. Although this is also the time when the city is overcrowded with tourists, so naturally the accommodation fares shot up. We recommend you to book a luxury villa or apartment in St Tropez. You can browse our catalog to find great deals on apartment rental Saint Tropez.

Sports fans can visit Saint Tropez in September. At this time the annual sailing competitions take place in the city. The local coasts are great for various water sports. Shoppers are most likely to visit Saint Tropez at the end of October when most of the local commercial centers and shops do the grandiose sales. At that time you can buy stylish things of excellent quality with incredible discounts.

What to do in Saint Tropez?
Contrary to what many people say, Saint-Tropez is not just a party destination, it has options for all kinds of styles, something for everyone. From families with children, to couples, more “calm” people, and of course the nightclubs on duty. Just know how to choose the beach clubs and restaurants that go with your vibe. The city also has an incredible number of old chapels and churches, each with its own peculiarities. A monastery chapel could be of great interest to the pilgrims. You can stroll through the serpentine streets of the old town, browse the bespoke boutiques. And while you are enjoying all the luxuries, why not get yourself a luxury apartment for rent in St Tropez? A place you can retire to at the end of the eventful day.
Where to shop In Saint Tropez?
In addition to the beaches with calm, blue and crystal clear waters, the center of the city is also a charm. There we find all the big brands and also small local stores with great selections. There are about 500 boutiques in the city, most of them high-end ready-to-wear, or luxury shops. But if what you want is to enjoy a local, more affordable shopping experience, you have to go to the flea market that is held every year during the month of October. You will surely return happy with your purchases!
How to get around in Saint Tropez?
For easy getting around Saint-Tropez and the surrounding area, you can take a taxi, rent a bike or scooter, or use the regular buses and ferries to get to unusual places. The beaches are on average 15 minutes from the center. Taxis are not expensive either. Renting is the best option and there are numerous rental companies around the city. Renting is also a good idea when it comes to accommodation. Get a luxury apartment for rent in St Tropez to make you stay even more grandeur.