Luxury Villa rentals in Sicily

One of the most attractive places in Italy


Sicily is undoubtedly one of the most attractive places in Italy and one of the best islands in the Mediterranean!

This famous island of incomparable beauty is filled with rich cultural and architectural heritage. Beaches with a special charm, towns of overflowing grace, car routes along the coast, exceptional food, an excellent climate, a super welcoming population, far less tourism than on any other island, affordable prices and historical samples of the past in hundreds of remains of ancient civilizations, among other things you can find on this Island.

Choose from the below luxury villas available for rent in Sicily

Villa Sea Essence, Cefalu

Up to 10 guests

Villa Bloom, Avola

Up to 8 guests

Villa Terracotta, Avola

Up to 6 guests

Villa Alba, Caltagirone

Up to 8 guests

Villa Meadow, Santa-Teresa

Up to 6 guests

FAQ About Renting a Villa in Sicily

Sicily is known for being the largest and most historic island in the Mediterranean. It is symbolic that the island has a triangle shape and is washed by three seas: Tyrrhenian, Lonian and Mediterranean.

Administratively, the island, like the whole of Italy is divided into regions that are different in historical heritage and even in dialect.

So, if you plan a trip to Sicily, remember that it is huge, and you might not cover all the sights and beauty in one trip. Plan beforehand what you want to see in Sicily and spend your time wisely. You can check our catalog now to book the best holiday villas in Sicily to rent and save time on finding accommodation, and rather spend it on enjoying this beautiful island!

What makes Sicily so unique?
Undoubtedly, this is a rich history of the island, which was formed under the influence of different cultures and peoples. Over the centuries, the Normans, Phoenicians, Arabs, Greeks, Romans and many other tribes conquered Sicily. Across the island, many remains of Phoenician settlements, Greek temples, Norman castles, Punic cities were found. Being, for the most part Italian, Sicilian culture includes Greek, ancient Roman, Norman and Arab traditions. It is this unique cultural fusion that makes tourism to Sicily so attractive. To get the most out of your trip here, we recommend you rent private villas in Sicily for an even pleasurable experience.
What is the best time to visit Sicily?
Although the tourist season here lasts from April to November, the best time to relax in Sicily is the second half of May, June, September and October. In summer, Sicily is just an earthly paradise. The mild climate, palm trees, exotic seafood, delicious dishes, playful wine, a friendly atmosphere attract tourists from all over the world! Lovers of very high temperatures will like it here in the summer but in July-August, many restaurants, cafes, various services and entertainment can simply be closed due to the heat. On the other hand, in September, the most pleasant time begins. The air temperature drops to 25-27 ° C, and the sea remains very warm, retaining the heat accumulated over the summer. To avoid last-minute hassles during the busy tourist periods, book your accommodation in advance to find the best deals on top luxury villas in Sicily.
Which cities of Sicily are worth a visit?
It depends on what you want to see since almost every town here has a glorious history and boasts worthy sights. If you are interested in one-day excursions, then you should definitely visit the capital of the island, the city of Palermo, and also look into its suburbs of Montreal, for the sake of the magnificent Duomo Cathedral. Also, do not ignore the ancient volcano Etna. Its amazing moonlit landscapes with black sand are the hallmark of the island. Finally, if you are interested in ancient monuments, you can visit the towns of Agrigento, Syracuse or Taormina. And while you are there you can rent a luxury villa in Sicily from the various options available all over the beautiful island.
What to do in Sicily?
On the Island of Sicily, you can find everything from outdoor activities, relaxation on the beach, to walks and shopping in town, and study the ancient civilizations in museums and excavation sites. The combination of seas and volcanic landscapes creates a stunning backdrop for outdoor activities. Here divers and swimmers can also enjoy one of the most pristine waters in the Mediterranean sea.