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Julius Homes

Property Management Redefined

Discover why Julius Homes is the premier choice for seamless vacation rentals and property management across Switzerland, France and Dubai!

Why Julius Homes

  • Proven Success: Elevate your rental income effortlessly by up to 60%.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Seamlessly manage your properties with our state-of-the-art platform.

  • Global Reach: With operations in Switzerland, France, and Dubai, we enhance your property’s visibility across multiple booking platforms, networks, and attract returning guests.

About Julius Homes

Making holiday rentals simple and enjoyable for everyone.

Hospitality Redefined

At Julius Homes, we have been simplifying and enhancing holiday rentals for guests and owners since 2018.

Our journey began in Switzerland, leveraging our extensive background in the service and hotel industry to establish a commitment to excellence in hospitality and property management.

In 2021, we expanded to Dubai and now serve six countries: Switzerland, France, Spain, UAE, Indonesia, and Seychelles.

Property management

From apartments to chalets to villas, we specialize in seamless short-term leasing, maximizing your rental revenue with bespoke pricing tailored to your property’s unique profile and location.

Trust the Julius Homes team to expertly manage your luxury property portfolio in Switzerland, France, and the UAE.

Our services

With years of hotel management expertise, we excel in delivering exceptional stays characterized by professionalism and meticulous attention to detail, setting us apart.

Specializing in properties ranging from mid to high luxury, we expertly care for every aspect of your investment, ensuring unparalleled guest experiences.

Listing management

  • Multiple listings for maximum exposure
  • Highlighting unique features
  • Professional property photography
  • Pricing optimization to maximize rental income

Guest management

  • Tailor made Concierge and personalized services

  • Destination guide and recommendations

  • 24/7 support for guests
  • Quality guest vetting
  • Smooth check-in process
  • Guest communication

Property management

  • Regular housekeeping services
  • Prompt maintenance responses
  • Proactive property care
  • Handling security deposits

Interior design services

  • Custom interior design solutions
  • Quick turnaround
  • Complete furnishing services
  • Year-round appeal

Owner dashboard essentials

At Julius Homes, we provide an advanced Owner’s Portal designed for efficient property management. Our user-friendly tool empowers you to oversee your holiday rental properties effortlessly. With just a few clicks, you can:

your property

  • Live Calendar: Monitor your property’s occupancy, average nightly net rate, projected earnings, and more in real-time.
  • Monthly Statements: Access and review detailed financial statements, including payout information, conveniently on the go.
  • Block Owner Stays: Manage personal stays at your property directly through the app, anytime you need.
  • Dashboard Overview: Stay informed with a comprehensive dashboard displaying all bookings, guest reviews, planned maintenance tasks, and financial summaries.
  • Performance Tracking: Track key performance indicators such as income, occupancy rates, and more to optimize your property’s profitability.

Owner testimonials

Explore the diverse community of property owners partnering with Julius Homes. Discover their success stories and experiences in maximizing rental income with our tailored management services.

    I am very pleased to have rented my chalet in Megève through this highly professional and dynamic agency. They remained in constant contact and available throughout the rental period.

    Within a few weeks, they found tenants, and the chalet was fully booked during the winter season. I highly recommend this luxury rental agency, which has maintained a personal touch alongside their efficient service.

    – Patricia


    I entrusted the rental management of my villa in Dubai to this agency after meeting them at an event. Previous rental experiences were challenging, but their expertise and reassurance convinced me to try again. They have maintained impeccable standards and provided outstanding cleaning services.

    With their management, the stress of handling a rental property has vanished. I confidently made the right choice in selecting this agency for managing my villa in Dubai.

    – John


    Renting out my apartment has been a breeze with this agency. Their professionalism and attention to detail have exceeded my expectations. From finding reliable tenants to ensuring the apartment in Verbier is well-maintained, they’ve handled everything seamlessly.

    Even when I use the apartment myself, it’s always spotless and feels like a hotel. I couldn’t be happier with their service and would recommend them to anyone looking for hassle-free property management.

    – Andy

    Join our portfolio

    Your property has potential

    Your property is unique and full of potential, and we genuinely care about it.

    Every property in our collection is personally inspected by one of our dedicated team members. If you’d like to join our exclusive portfolio, send us your property details today.

    Property Management FAQ

    Find answers to common questions

    What services does Julius Homes offer for property owners?
    Julius Homes provides comprehensive property management services including listing management, professional photography, pricing optimization, guest vetting, seamless check-ins, housekeeping, maintenance, and financial reporting through our advanced owner’s portal.
    How does Julius Homes ensure my property is well-maintained between guest stays?
    We provide premium cleaning services after each guest stay and promptly address any maintenance issues to ensure your property remains in top condition.
    Can I block personal stays at my property through Julius Homes?

    Yes, owners can easily block personal stays using our owner’s app, ensuring your property is available for rental at all times.

    How does Julius Homes handle guest communication?
    We ensure seamless communication with guests throughout their stay to address any queries or issues promptly, enhancing their experience.
    What are the benefits of using Julius Homes compared to managing my property independently?
    By partnering with Julius Homes, owners benefit from our expertise in maximizing rental income, our network of booking platforms, our commitment to providing exceptional guest experiences, including our loyal guests, all while minimizing the hassle of property management.
    How does Julius Homes manage pricing to maximize rental income?
    We use advanced pricing strategies and market analysis to optimize your property’s rates, ensuring competitive pricing and maximizing occupancy.
    Can I access financial information and performance metrics for my property?
    Yes, Julius Homes provides owners with access to detailed financial statements, booking analytics, and performance metrics through our intuitive owner’s portal.
    What happens if there is damage to my property during a guest’s stay?
    Julius Homes manages comprehensive insurance coverage and handles any claims related to damages, providing peace of mind to property owners.
    In which locations does Julius Homes operate?
    Julius Homes currently operates in multiple countries including Switzerland, France, and Dubai, offering property management services in high-demand rental markets. Please contact us if you don’t find a specific destination mentioned here.
    How can I get started with Julius Homes?
    To begin maximizing your rental income and benefiting from hassle-free property management, simply contact us for a consultation and quote tailored to your property’s needs.