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Luxury Villa rentals in Bali

Spirituality, grace and serenity…


Bali is considered one island with many destinations. It is an island paradise that evokes a tropical state of mind.

Bali has a diverse culture with an estimated 10,000 temples. There are volcanoes in the middle of the island which are ideal for hiking, especially to watch the sunrise. The well-known resort of Kuta offers bustling bars and clubs, Seminyak and Sanur are more suited for families and couples with designer shops and fabulous restaurants. Surfing and diving are also popular on the island but it wouldn’t be Bali without a visit to the spiritual town of Ubud, a ‘must’ for the artist shops, markets and rice fields. Bali is the very essence of a soul-soothing getaway.

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FAQ About Renting a Villa in Bali

Where is the island of Bali and how big is it? I will start with Indonesia first. It is an archipelago of over 17,500 islands located between mainland Asia and Australia. Most of it belongs to Southeast Asia, and the easternmost regions – to Oceania. It is the fourth largest country in the world by population – about 250 million people. As an area, it is only in 23rd place, which speaks enough about its population density. Bali is an independent island in Indonesia and is located in the central part of the country, east of the island of Java. The length of the island is 153 km, its width is 112 km and the area is 5,633 square km, and the population is over 4 million people, mainly focused on the largest city of Denpasar, which occupies the southern part of the island. To the north, the areas are more mountainous and forested and less populated. The settlements are small and are located sparsely. That’s why the city parts are quite crowded and it’s good that they move mainly on motorcycles. Because otherwise there would be no place for tourists.
Why is Bali such a popular tourist destination?
Bali is much more than paradise beaches and crystal clear waters, it is known as the island of countless temples. Bali is one of the most charming islands in the Indonesian archipelago. It is famous for its breathtaking nature, paradise beaches, traditional Balinese dances, and fine arts. Bali’s culture and way of life are marked by colorful religious customs and ceremonies. The island of Bali offers a variety of places to visit, which include from endless rice paddies, beautiful panoramas, volcanoes rising majestically in the clouds, dense tropical jungle to long sandy beaches, warm crystal blue water, various tourist attractions and activities such as surfing and diving. The combination of the rich cultural heritage and way of life of the island of Bali with modern tourist facilities make this exotic tropical paradise the perfect holiday destination. Bali offers everything you could want in modern civilization – luxury, exotics, attractions and nightlife. The combination of all this is the reason why it is such a popular destination – it can satisfy every taste. Check out our villas in Bali for families & friends that you can rent for a perfect holiday.
When is the best time to visit the island of Bali?
Many people believe that trips to exotic destinations are necessarily made in the winter. Not in Bali! From November to March is the wet season and sometimes the rains are incessant. It’s warm, even warmer than the dry season, but you may not see the sun. The strongest tourist period on the island coincides with our strongest summer – July and August. Then the weather is most favorable, but it is crowded with tourists! The best time for a holiday in Bali, in our opinion, is in May, June or September . The climatic conditions are also very stable during that time, but tourists are significantly less. April and October are also relatively suitable. If you are planning your holiday, you can book private pool villas, luxury & beach villas in Bali from us.
Is there a need for vaccines for Bali?
There is no need to get vaccinated, although this is one of the first things a traveler to an exotic destination thinks of. There is no need for a vaccine for Bali.
Why should I rent a villa in Bali?
Villas for rent are an alternative vacation with many advantages and almost no disadvantages. For the price of a 4-star hotel, you can relax like a celebrity, away from the crowds of tourists. There are so many luxury villas available in Bali for rent that are suitable for couples, families or friends. You can explore from the best class apartments in Bali that we have listed on this page. By reserving with us in Bali, you’ll spend less on accommodation, so you can spend more on having a good time and seeing the sights in Bali. Book a private pool villa for rent for the ideal holiday with our range of places in Bali.