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Things You Must Do In Staycation

What if you could enjoy all the benefits of a holiday without spending anything? We are more and more inclined to spend the holidays close to home and more and more fascinated by the idea of ​​a staycation.

What is a staycation?

A staycation is a vacation made while staying at home; is an Anglo-Saxon term made up of the words “stay” = to stay and “vacation” = vacation, as if to say “stanza”. Whatever you want to call it, it can be an extremely enjoyable experience if done right.

Things to do during a staycation

  • Learn new skills
  • Support local trade and stay overnight at a nearby hotel
  • Be a tourist in your own city
  • Sleeping under the stars (in the garden)
  • Be comfortable with yourself and volunteer for a cause you believe in
  • Go to a game or to the theater
  • Rent a car and go on a road trip in your area
It is important to plan what to do during a staycation to avoid getting sucked into the usual daily routine. How many times have we said we wished we had more time to read that book, watch that movie or take that walk? Well, the staycation is the perfect opportunity to do all of these things.

1. Learn new skills

Sign up for tennis lessons at your local sports center, take a scuba course or take some time to learn how to do the perfect handstand. There are so many opportunities to learn new skills during a staycation and you are spoiled for choice. Whatever you decide to do, set a goal and strive to achieve it, improving every day. If you are someone who likes results, why not record a video while doing the activity of your choice from day 1 so that you can see the progress from the beginning to the end of the staycation.

2. Support local commerce and stay at a nearby hotel

What is the best aspect of a hotel stay? Have fresh sheets every day, help yourself to the all-you-can-eat buffet or take advantage of room service, wrapped in one of those fluffy white bathrobes? Or the long summer evenings in a panoramic swimming pool, spent catching up to the last ray of sunshine and followed by a long and hot shower, a cocktail at the hotel bar, and dinner on the terrace? All the things we love about hotels can be equally enjoyable in a hotel close to home. In fact, a stay in a hotel in your city can bring a wave of life and excitement to the neighborhood. Whether it’s an all-inclusive 5-star luxury hotel or a small boutique hotel with quirky rooms, check out what the local hotels have to offer!You can book Best villa for rent in Dubai from our website.

3. Be a tourist in your city

You may have lived there for years or a lifetime, but do you really know the city you grew up in? How about revisiting it with new eyes as if you were a tourist? Take a walk or take a guide and choose a place you’ve never seen before. There is so much to explore around the corner from the house!

4. Sleep under the stars (in your garden)

It’s a great activity to do with the little ones or with the child in you. Set up a tent in your garden and experience a real camping adventure, complete with dinner on the stove (or barbecue). Throw pillows and lamps on the floor, sit outside and tell stories until it’s time to retire to the tent. The magnificence is that the duvet or some other article you will require are altogether not far off, or rather at home: simply cross the nursery to have every one of the solaces and live a remarkable setting up camp insight!

5. Volunteer for a cause you close to your heart

When traveling, do you look for ways to help the local community? Many travelers are happy to be able to spend some of their free time cleaning the beaches or teaching local children. Wouldn’t it be nice if you too embraced the philosophy of giving and receiving during your staycation? There are tons of ways you can provide assistance to people in need or support local causes. You will not only help others but also yourself and feel proud that you did!

6. Go to a game or the theater

This activity might seem obvious, but sometimes we forget to check what’s in the local theater or the joy we get from watching a game of our favorite team.

7. Rent a car and take a road trip in your area

When you hear the word road trip, maybe you imagine you’re behind the wheel of a convertible Cadillac on Route 66 or riding the Great Ocean Road in Australia, with surfboards in the back. Both are idyllic visions, but it’s not necessarily the case that no roads closer to home are equally thrilling! If you live in a big city, try one of these day trips and enjoy the local beauty.

Advantages of a staycation

Save money

A person spends an average of $ 1000 on a holiday. Think about how much you could save by moving your vacation close to home. Or look at it this way: think about how many more things you can do with such a budget if you are close to home! Rent a nicer car, sleep in a nicer hotel or maybe try a Michelin restaurant you’ve heard of that you’ve never had a chance to go to!Book luxury chalets in Verbier from our website

Optimize your time

Time is of the essence when you have only a few precious days for a vacation. A staycation allows you to enjoy your vacation from start to finish. No round-trip travel and no jet lag!

Practice responsible tourism

Thanks to staycation we can reduce fuel consumption levels and it is a fun way to take care of our planet. It’s also a great way to support the local economy, especially if you choose to stay in a boutique hotel, shop in small shops or markets, and eat at local restaurants. Help the local community by taking advantage of all it has to offer! 

Bring your four-legged friends with you!

Your furry friends are sure to be happy. Not only will you avoid the costs of keeping your dog in a kennel or paying a cat sitter, but you’ll save yourself the guilt you feel every time about not taking them with you when you go on vacation. If only they could understand that you are not leaving them forever and that you will RETURN to them!

No travel stress

Calm down, there is no need to stress about the trip if you choose to staycation because you are already exactly where you should be. Forget about the last-minute search for accommodation and to do, unpack and weigh them all the time. You won’t have to worry about having enough pairs of sandals or sweaters with you – you will eventually find that you wear variations of the same outfit on most days.Whether your staycation consists of hanging out in the garden or taking a weekend to explore the city, there’s only one thing to remember: you’re on vacation, so enjoy it! Read about on demand business here.