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Rent Large Luxury Villas in Ibiza


Ibiza is the most festive of the Balearic Islands and is best known for its evenings and exceptional beaches.

Typical villages await you in a warm and nonchalant atmosphere. From the sandy beaches to the secluded coves with its postcard landscape, Ibiza has it all for a holiday with friends, family or couples.

Large Villas Available for Rent in Ibiza

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FAQ About Renting a Villa in Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the most popular islands among Spain’s Balearic Islands. Boasting more than 100 miles of coastline with some 50 beaches, Ibiza is definitely Europe’s favourite party destination! It is a paradise for night ravers and offers plenty of bars, restaurants, water sports and nightclubs, of course. Known for hosting grand music festivals, Ibiza is a major attraction for those who wish to hear some famous music artists. But not all is lost in the noise. Ibiza is an amazing place for nature lovers with its pristine beaches, quiet villages, yoga retreats and much more. Sounds exciting, right? Then check out our catalog now to book the best holiday villas in Ibiza to rent and get started on your dream vacation!
What is the best time of the year to visit Ibiza?
Summer months, especially from late May to early October is considered as the best time to visit Ibiza. The Mediterranean type of climate in Spain marks for hot, dry summers and fairly mild winters. There are plenty of tourist activities during the summer time, the warm weather making it perfect for tourist participation. The accommodation fares are the highest from mid-June to mid-September as it is a peak season for tourism. If you wish to avoid the crowd, we suggest you consider visiting a little earlier or a little later. Avoid the period from November to March as it marks winters in Ibiza, and is primarily a wet season. You might find the cheapest deals on flights and accommodations but most of the restaurants and hotels are closed during this period. For summer months, we recommend you book well in advance to find the best deals on top luxury villas in Ibiza.
Is Ibiza a family-friendly vacation destination?
Despite its loud parties reputation, Ibiza has plenty to offer to those who are looking for a family holiday. The infamous parties constitute only a small part of this island while the rest of Ibiza is blessed with fabulous beaches, heritage sites, historic towns and villages, all within the stunning natural beauty of this beautiful Mediterranean Island. There are plenty of lazy spots for both families and those looking for a relaxing holiday. Ibiza is packed with fun adventures for families with activities ranging from horse riding, jeep safaris, to trekking, rock climbing, etc, that kids and adults both can enjoy! The island has some of the best holiday villas to rent that are family-friendly. You can book a villa in Ibiza for your family from various options available in our catalog. Find the best holiday villas in Ibiza to rent for a family-friendly escape to your picture-perfect destination.
Is Ibiza really very expensive?
Although Ibiza does tend to get slightly more expensive than mainland Spain, a trip to Ibiza does not have to burn a hole in your pocket. The beaches are free where you can hang around during the day and spend very little money. The food here is reasonably priced. Book your flight tickets well in advance when they are quite cheap. To get the most out of your trip, we recommend you rent private villas in Ibiza for a surreal experience. You can also book large villas to rent in Ibiza if you book for early September when accommodation tends to get cheaper, and you will still be in time for the banging closing parties.
Is Ibiza an ideal vacation destination for couples?

Of course! Ibiza may be notorious for late-night parties but it’s also an ideal place for the couples who are looking to reconnect. The pristine beaches of Ibiza are filled with romantic nooks for couples and have some hidden gems in its secluded natural spots. The local markets, the posh restaurants, museums, etc, have a lot to offer to the couples. Rent a luxury villa in Ibiza and surprise your better half with a dream vacation that would be an experience of a lifetime for both of you!

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